5 Treatments to Help Relieve Sciatica Nerve Pain

sciatica nerve pain

Do you suffer from sciatica nerve pain? If so, you know how much the pain can put a damper on any plans you may have. In some cases, the pain may become quite severe. As a result, sciatica nerve pain can really stop you from living life. You also know how often you are in search for a treatment to relieve the pain.

The cause of sciatica nerve pain varies on a case to case basis. Sometimes the pain may be caused by a pinched nerve or bone spur. Women who are pregnant often suffer from sciatica pain. This is usually chalked up to the position of the baby. A herniated disk may also cause the pain.

5 Treatments to Help Relieve Sciatica Nerve Pain

Regardless of what causes the pain, if you suffer from sciatica nerve pain, you know how much you want and need relief fast. Thankfully there are many treatment options. With the right knowledge and the right tools, you will be able to relieve sciatica pain in no time!

1. Visit a chiropractor

Visit a chiropractor

Chiropractors are great to visit when you suffer from sciatica nerve pain. They are well versed in this type of pain, especially since it’s so common. In fact, they know all the right things to do to help relieve your sciatica pain.

The most common procedure a chiropractor will do to relieve this type of pain is a spinal adjustment. This is because sciatica nerve pain is caused by the roots of the spine becoming irritated. So, by adjusting the spine, you help relieve the irritated spinal roots.

2. Get a massage

Sciatica Nerve Pain Massage

Visiting a certified massage therapist can really help ease sciatica nerve pain. You may need to get a massage several times before you begin to notice a big change in your pain. But, once you get there, it is so worth it.

Massages for sciatica pain also aren’t your typical “day at the spa” massages. Intense, trigger point massage is recommended when it comes to sciatica nerve pain.

3. Use a heating pad

Heating Pad For Sciatica Nerve Pain

Anyone who suffers from pain can probably agree that heat really helps ease the intensity of any kind of pain. That’s why heating pads are also often recommended to help ease the pain related to the sciatica nerve.

Applying a heating pad, for even just 15 minutes, will help immensely relieve the sciatica pain. Plus, there are so many heating pad options out there. Even ones that you can adjust the intensity of the heat. As well as auto shut off options.

4. Find safe ways to ease inflammation

Sciatica nerve pain is associated with inflammation. When you take steps to reduce the inflammation, you help ease the associated pain. Thankfully there are many safe ways to ease inflammation.

Of course, there are over the counter medications safe for inflammation reduction. But, certain foods can also help beat inflammation. Popular anti-inflammatory foods include kale, spinach, salmon, tuna, strawberries, and olive oil.

5. Get up and get moving

Pilates and Yoga

Anyone with sciatica nerve pain knows how severe the pain is. In most cases, it can be pretty difficult for someone suffering to get up and move around. Of course, it is never recommended to put yourself in intense pain. But, if you can handle moving a bit during the pain -- do it. This will keep your body in better shape. As a result, you will suffer from pain less often.

When you aren’t suffering from a flare up, make sure you get up and get moving. Exercise is a great way to help ease any pain.

Treating Your Sciatica Nerve Pain

Treating pain due to your sciatica nerve is far from impossible. In fact, treatments that are from invasive can often cure the pain. If the pain is severe, surgical treatment may be recommended.

But, before you go as far as surgery, know there are many other treatment options. Most of these options are affordable. Plus, they are the go to for a lot doctors when discussing sciatica nerve pain.

Don’t be intimidated by the pain caused by your sciatica nerve. Find the right treatment for you and start relieving your pain today.


Madison Brown received her graduate degree from the University of Iowa from the physical therapy program. As a therapist for over five years, she has treated many patients with pain or with many physical problems. Through her experience she has learned more along the way how to best serve her patients. Her patients come into her office with all sorts of pain from head to toe. She has always made it her goal to know all the latest techniques and devices to best treat the patient in front of her. She cares about people and works for the best for her patients.

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