Heating Pad Proper Use and Safety

Pain is a serious issue, and you should not have to tolerate pain. Heating pads are one of the simplest ways to make your pain tolerable and help eliminate the pain all together.

There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to heating pad safety. Let’s take look at the most important details of how to keep your heating pad working properly and how you can stay safe when using a heating pad.

Check for Any Burn Marks

check burn marks on the heating pad

Of course there is an element inside of a heating pad that warms up and heats up. This is made possible by electricity and new technology. You always want to make sure that the element is working properly so that the heating pad does not overheat.

You do not want to get and either electrocuted or burned as a result in a faulty heating pad or an old one. The best way to prevent any burns or problems is by taking a look at the cord and the pad and make sure there are no burn marks on the heating pad.

Do Not Leave The Heating Pad On Your Body For Too Long

do not sleep when using heating pads

Every person has a different tolerance when it comes to temperature. Some people like to sleep in cold temperatures and others like the temperature of rooms and such a little warmer. You just lay the heating pad right on top of the area that is causing you pain, it is that simple. You have to decide how much heat your body can take before you feel a bit uncomfortable.

Having heat centered on a specific location on your body can be awkward at first, but when it means relief you might be able to handle. The heat controller is usually always adjustable. You have to get to know how much heat you can take. This is only done through experience. You can also build up a tolerance over time.

Control Heat

Most heating pads have a controller that allows you to adjust the way you want the heat. It may take a time or two to become familiar with what number of heat on the controller is equal to what amount of heat you want pressed against your injury.

A Towel Between

use towel between heating pads

You may need to place a towel in between you and the heating pad, if you are sensitive. Most heating pads these days come with nice coverings. The covering is supposed to be enough so you do not have to put anything in between you and the heating pad.

Your comfort is the most important issue involved. But a towel serves as an excellent buffer between you and the heating pad. In some instances a towel may be too thick, so you may have to use a shirt. You just lay the heating pad right on top of the area that is causing you pain, it is that simple.

Nothing On Top

You want to keep everything clear of the heating pad. You definitely do not want to put anything on top of the heating pad when you store the heating pad. You also do not want to put anything on top of the heating pad while it is on you, say like a pet. But overall there are wires and delicate technology in the heating pads you do not want to ruin by putting anything sharp or heavy on the heating pad where the technology could be punctured.


You definitely want to store your heating pads in a place where there is no moisture. It is easy to use a heating pad for a few times and then forget about them. It is important that your heating pad is stored properly so that it will work the next time you need it. You want to unplug your heating pad when it is not in use.

Heating Pads And Pregnancy

heating pad and pregnancy

If you have any type of pain during pregnancy, then a heating pad is a great way to feel better. A heating pad will not harm the growth of your baby inside. I would however not use a heating pad with a baby.

There are definitely age requirements on the heating pads. The box will always tell you what age you can start using the heating pad to help relieve a child’s pain. But when it comes to pregnancy, a heating pad can alleviate some of the pain that comes about with pregnancy.

Heating pads are excellent for helping you with pain. They are a nice alternative to having to use any type of prescription drug or pay for other remedies. Heating pads are cost effective as you only have to pay for them once. They only use a small amount of electricity and can used while you are relaxing watching television. Whether you have pain or not having a heating pad available in the case of an emergency is a very smart thing to do. Buy a heating pad today, but always use all necessary precaution and safety.


Madison Brown received her graduate degree from the University of Iowa from the physical therapy program. As a therapist for over five years, she has treated many patients with pain or with many physical problems. Through her experience she has learned more along the way how to best serve her patients. Her patients come into her office with all sorts of pain from head to toe. She has always made it her goal to know all the latest techniques and devices to best treat the patient in front of her. She cares about people and works for the best for her patients.

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