How Yoga Helps Ease The Pain of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is something many people struggle with on a daily basis. In fact, if you’re one of these people, you may want to look into trying yoga.

Yoga is a Hindu ritual that focuses on maintaining mental and body control. Through a series of techniques, the aim of yoga is to promote overall good health. This ritual is also a great way to put some ease to your chronic pain.

All about Chronic Pain 

It’s estimated that over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. For many years chronic pain was associated with just the overall parts of the body. As more studies were completed, it is believed there is more behind what triggers this pain. In fact, chronic pain has also been linked to the way our mind works.

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain knows that it isn’t always just mental. The pain, of course, is actually really there. This is why many individuals try different routes to help ease their pain. They may try routes such as heat therapy by using heating pads, medications, and even injections.

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So, when we say this pain is linked to the mind, we aren’t saying that you are just “dreaming it up”. Instead, we are trying to convey that the way you feel mentally may impact when your chronic pain flares.

The feelings you feel during a chronic pain episode may range anywhere from emotions to expectations. It’s been shown that even memories may have an impact on causing an episode. As a result, to ease these mental hurdles, more people are turning to yoga for relief.

How Yoga Helps Ease Chronic Pain

Yoga Helps Ease Chronic Pain

Many people who hear the word “yoga” often immediately associate it with different poses. These poses that we see are known as “asanas”. But, yoga, in fact, goes above just the poses. Yoga is actually a combination of asanas, simple meditation, and controlling your breathing. By practicing yoga you’re implementing a mind and body relationship.

In fact, because of all of the areas yoga focuses on, there are many benefits for using it for chronic pain. These benefits range from the benefit of moderate exercise to stress management. Since there is a link between chronic pain and mental awareness, it’s important to maintain your stress level.

Another way yoga helps ease chronic pain is by improving your energy. Which, as a result, improves the way you feel about yourself as a whole. This is obtained by yoga’s ability to get your blood circulating through motion.

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Benefits of Yoya

Yoga is also beneficial for people who suffer from pain due to joint and muscle issues. During yoga you’ll have the chance to stretch and bend your joints and muscles. Keeping your body moving will help relieve how much impact your pain has on you.

As stated above, practicing yoga is a great way to manage stress, too. This is possible with the various breathing and relaxation techniques that are offered to you. Someone who suffers from pain that is chronic may have a hard time handling the stress we go through in life. When this happens, the mental stress can also trigger pain on a more regular basis.

The way you respond to pain may also be impacted if you participate in yoga on a regular basis. In a good way of course. It will change the way you see and feel your pain. Hopefully this will help you limit the chronic pain flare ups you have.

Change Your Perception and Ease Your Chronic Pain with Yoga

Change Your Perception and Ease Your Chronic Pain with Yoga

Chronic pain is real and people who suffer from it know that all too well. Managing chronic pain can also be quite difficult. Especially when you add all of the additional things that are expected from us on a daily basis. It’s no wonder chronic pain sufferers often report that they experience an intensity and frequency of the pain during stressful times.

The purpose of yoga is to allow you to discover yourself. Practicing yoga helps you become more self aware of yourself and your body. It’s also a great way to discipline yourself. Chronic pain sufferers everywhere are turning to yoga. By doing this, they are finding a way to focus on something other than their pain.


Madison Brown received her graduate degree from the University of Iowa from the physical therapy program. As a therapist for over five years, she has treated many patients with pain or with many physical problems. Through her experience she has learned more along the way how to best serve her patients. Her patients come into her office with all sorts of pain from head to toe. She has always made it her goal to know all the latest techniques and devices to best treat the patient in front of her. She cares about people and works for the best for her patients.

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